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Sherri and her team at Scout Ketamine Clinic are best described as life change agents. The new peace and calm they helped my wife find is miraculous. We will continue to come back for an occasional maintenance visit, but that terrible black cloud she has lived with for years has lifted and we are so happy to have found Scout and Ketamine therapy.

- Ernie

The treatment offered at Scout Ketamine was literally life changing/saving. Sherri and her amazing staff will take care of you before, during and after treatment. I waited to post this review until I completed all 6 infusions. After each infusion session I felt the weight ease off my shoulders, the fog clear from my head and my anxiety start to subside. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am in control, not my diagnoses. Sounds cliché, but I felt like a patient, not just a dollar sign. They make you feel comfortable and welcomed. They truly want to help you become a better you. If you're considering ketamine treatment, take the leap, you have everything to gain.

- Michael 

There is a lot of scientific research coming out that Ketamine is an effective treatment for disability. I was skeptical of the treatment, and also of a facility here in the Harker Heights area that seemed relatively new. I went here with my teenage kid (being vague to respect their privacy). They have been struggling for years, with little help from various medicines, therapy, psychologists. This almost immediately helped them feel normal. Small things that used to bring them joy now bring them joy. Negative experiences are handled with an appropriate amount of emotions instead of blowing out of proportion or not having any reaction at all. The best part is that i randomly hear laughter from them around the house more frequently. We did 6 sessions over 3 weeks, and they are doing so good. It's truly amazing! I'll follow up at a later date with how long it lasted.

As far as the facility and the staff, everything is great! They are all very friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. The facility is clean and set up nicely. The lights are dimmable and there is a large tv to watch calming videos while there. Staff are all medical professionals, with the ones doing the actual IV all coming from paramedic backgrounds, so if there were any kind of issue they could assist. We had no issues through all sessions, but it was comforting knowing they were there just in case.

There is an initial online questionnaire and then a discussion with their staff to ensure it's a good fit for you. Then the sessions are booked and they take roughly an hour. We were able to go in the early evening so it didn't affect my work. If the patient is under 18, they need a parent to join them. Unfortunately, with this being on the edge of accepted science/treatment, it's not typically covered by insurance. There were some options to spread the payments out, but I paid upfront to get a discount. Also got a veterans' discount.

The impact this had truly feels like magic. I wish we had discovered it sooner. Even if it's something we have to keep doing for awhile for it to take hold, it's absolutely worth it. Everyone is different, so how many times and for how long is an unknown variable. Can not be happier with the results so far!

- Eric

Sherri and her staff are absolutely amazing. They are all very professional and knowledgeable, on top of being kind and patient.  The clinic itself is very clean and well set up.  We will be back for sure, and I have been telling everyone I know, who could benefit from this, about the program.   “5-stars, definitely recommend”!!

- Marcus

I can’t put into words how much Scout Ketamine and Wellness has helped me. Sherri and Julio are so compassionate and care deeply about each client. I was at an all time low with major depression, but after just six ketamine infusions I feel like a brand new person. My energy, focus, and motivation is off the chart! Sherri takes the time to get to know you and prepares an individual treatment plan based on your specific needs. It is a safe and welcoming environment. If you are having doubts about ketamine, please look no further and set an appointment with Sherri. She will guide you every step of the way. I can’t thank Scout Ketamine enough for literally saving my life!

- Sarah

Sherri is fabulous. Hands down the most caring and kind and competent provider I have ever had on my healthcare team. Everyone at the office is kind and welcoming and accommodating. My experience was nothing but easy, stress free, and enjoyable. I have made huge improvements after receiving my dose regimen prescribed by Sherri. Thank you so much!

- Francesca

This is an amazing place to receive infusions and overall care for treatments.  The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and safe, which is imperative for this type of care. The environment is calm with many thoughtful touches to ensure your experience is 5 star. I highly recommend Scout for Ketamine treatments!

- Kari

Life-changing treatment for my major depression and PTSD. A safe and caring environment guided by Sherri’s experience and the latest medical research. Ketamine therapy is revolutionary. I was able to return to the world after many years.

- Chris

27 year vet with 4 tours, and I was pretty skeptical at first, but Sheri and her team were fantastic. They walked me through every step of the treatments and made me feel very at ease. After the fourth treatment, I could see a world of difference, and would absolutely recommend as a treatment for PTSD or depression

- Adam

This facility is life changing! Sherri and her staff are hands down the best! Everyone does all they can to make you feel comfortable, safe, and understood. I am grateful to have found them.

- Michelle

Sheri and her staff are compassionate and gentle in their approach. We’ve had very good results with ketamine, and are so grateful that Scout Ketamine exists in our area.

- Natacha

The staff is friendly and compassionate. They are skilled and professional. I found the most important thing in Ketamine therapy is being confident with the people caring for you. I definitely found that here. Would highly recommend trying Scout before you make the trip to any of the Austin providers.

- Patrick

Scout Ketamine Clinic is as caring a place as I’ve ever been. The staff is laser-focused on its patients’ comfort and wellness. Couldn’t be better.

- Cliff

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