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About Us

Scout Ketamine and Wellness is named in honor of Donald Scott who served 22.5 years in the Air Force and also experienced anxiety, depression, and PTSD. He launched missiles most of his career and was proudest of the Scout Missile Project.
Donald is now deceased and this clinic is part of his legacy.

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Sherri, lead clinician,

is Donald’s daughter and has a deep seated passion for veterans and anyone who knows a veteran. Sherri has been working with veterans specifically for the last number of years and has repeatedly identified manifesting symptoms in her patients that can be assisted by ketamine treatments. Sherri has administered over 4000 ketamine infusions to patients from all different walks of life at various clinics in Austin.

Sherri’s resume includes: being a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for 24 years. She has medically screened patients , diagnosed, prescribed, and administered ketamine to patients since 2017.

Sherri’s past areas of patient care has included: psychiatric emergency room, family practice care/management of mental health patients, occupational health, student health, sports medicine, internal medicine, urgent care and post surgical department. The outliers have also included obstetrics, in-home care, aesthetics, medical weight loss and health center director for a youth camp .

Sherri is highly regarded by patients and providers due to her expertise and dedication to helping patients achieve a healthy and happy life.

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