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Sarah Connelly-Meyer is a mental skills coach living in Olympia, WA. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology and Wellness Management from California State University, Stanislaus she went on to complete a Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from California State University,Fresno. She is passionate about teaching people the power of the mind body connection.

Sarah has worked with athletes, business professionals and veterans teaching them the foundational theories of the mind body connection and how to use these theories to build personal resilience. Her experience includes 5 years spent working with the US Army and Wounded Warriors.

She has a strong connection to the military through her husband who served 20 years in the Air National Guard, her dad who served in Vietnam and her Grandfather who was a prisoner of war in Korea.

Sarah is excited to partner with Scout Ketamine and Wellness Clinic. She strongly believes in the power of coaching as a way to support the healing process. Coaching with Sarah often consists of goal setting, mind body awareness, relaxation strategies and relationship building. When she isn’t meeting with individuals and groups she is probably with her daughters or engaged in any outdoor activity she can find.

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Lynn Gleasman is a Paramedic, Ketamine Infusionist, Psychedelic Facilitator, and Certified Integration Coach. Lynn is passionate about helping her clients navigate the often complex ketamine experience, to solidify the benefits, changes, and rewiring of the brain into healthier, lasting patterns.
Integration is the process by which a psychedelic experience translates into positive changes in daily life. Ketamine sparks healing through gaining insights, introspection & self-reflection, and integration helps us process, draw meaning & weave them into the psyche
phone: 512.850.5494.

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Ashley is a licensed professional counselor associate, under supervision of Molly Rafferty, LPC-S. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and continued on to receive her graduate degree at Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master’s in Biblical Counseling. She began her counseling journey working with adults with dual diagnosis, mood disorders and trauma disorders. She moved to Austin, Texas in 2020 and became a clinical therapist at Austin Oaks Psychiatric Hospital - primarily working with women in both the acute setting and within their outpatient program. Ashley currently opened a private practice, Storia Counseling, specializing in women’s mental health needs in the community.

Her focus is working with adult women 18 and older, She walks side by side with you through life's struggles; which can include - working through trauma, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, self- esteem and/or burnout. Through specific therapy modalities, she will empower you with tools that you can use in everyday life and offering you a safe space to allow your mental health healing begin.

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